An Avenue of Honor was planted in Dixons Creek on Saturday 8 September 1917 in honor of the men who enlisted from the district. The 29 Australian trees were donated by Councillor W.G. Gray of Allwood Nursery. The trees were planted along the main road in the vicinity of the junction of Pinnacle Lane. Few of the trees have survived due to natural causes and the road widening for the Melba Highway. In 2014 as part of the commemoration of the commencement of World War I the Dixons Creek Community Group is planning to establish a new Avenue of Honor.

An Avenue of Honor was planted in Rudolph Street, Yarra Glen in 1948 and the street was re-named Anzac Avenue. A commemoration service and dedication of the Memorial Avenue was held on Sunday 2 May 1948. The pinoaks were donated by Major E. Lang.