BURGOYNE HOTEL (1887-1905)

The Burgoyne Hotel was the forerunner of the present Grand Hotel in Bell Street, Yarra Glen. William and Henry Farrell saw the potential for tourist trade when the railway opened in 1888. Henry first applied for a victuallers license in 1887 for the Burgoyne Hotel which he described as a building containing six rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of my family and servants. William Farrell had been licensee at the Yarra Flats Hotel since 1881 but he relinquished that in 1888 and became a partner with his brother at the Burgoyne Hotel. A more substantial building was then erected in two stages. The completed two-storey building was officially opened in September 1889. It had a large kitchen, 24 bedrooms, eight sitting rooms, a dining room and a billiard room. There was a public bar and a private bar. The 90 foot tower provided views of the surrounding countryside. The total cost was £10,000, including 20 acres of land,. In January 1890 Henry applied to have his license transferred to his brother William.   Licensees of the Burgoyne Hotel: 1888 Henry Farrell; 1890 William Farrell; 1903 Mrs M. Farrell; 1905 Christina Holland; 1905 Mrs Rachel Dawson, who changed the name to The Grand Hotel.