The roads of the parish of Burgoyne were surveyed in 1858, including the township area, now known as Yarra Glen, but at that time the proposed name for the town was Burgoyne. The world of commerce, however, dictated that the first village in the area developed on the route of gold seekers travelling to Woods Point. This became known as the Yarra Track in the 1860s, and it followed the line now comprising Symons Street, Melba Highway and the Old Healesville Road.The area had become commonly known as the Yarra flats and when the post office was established in 1861 it was named the Yarra Flats Post Office, thus giving the name official recognition. This was further consolidated in 1864 when Thomas Muncaster Bell established the Yarra Flats Hotel on the corner where Melba Lodge is now situated.

The name Burgoyne was further considered when the railway was established in 1888 but the townspeople preferred to adopt the name of Yarra Glen.