Kangaroo Ground Cemetery

Some people from the Yarra Glen district are buried at Kangaroo Ground, particularly the early pioneers such as the Bell, Scott and Friar families. The first burial, in May 1851, was that of Judith Furphy, the nine year old eldest sister of Joseph Furphy. This cemetery was not formally gazetted until 27 August 1858.

Sources: Mick Woiwod, Tread softly: you tread on dreams, 2001; Victorian Government Gazette

Yarra Glen Cemetery 
The Yarra Glen cemetery was first gazetted as the Burgoyne Cemetery in March 1866 when five acres were temporarily reserved for the purpose. In May 1866 trustees were appointed for the Yarra Flats Cemetery: Thomas Armstrong, Edward Evans, Edward Cullis, John Haine, John Hicks Petty and Antonio Quadri.  One of the first burials was that of John Blair Thompson in October 1866. Others were William Hannah (1826-1866), Charles Myall (1867), and Thomas Sawe (1835-1871). 
Sources: Victorian Government Gazette

Several burials were undertaken at Yering on private land prior to the establishment of the Yarra Flats Cemetery. This is not a gazetted cemetery. The grave of George Isaac Watts (1834-1845) was beneath the exceptionally large willow tree that grew on the Yering flats. Others include Fredrick Landry (1827-1857) and David Hart (1821-1861)