Yarra Glen

The cenotaph at Yarra Glen was unveiled on 8 October 1921. The monument consists of a granite column, with a broad pedestal on a foundation of concrete, the whole surrounded by a chain set in granite posts. It was placed in front of the Victoria Hall in a small reserve on the corner of Bell Street and the Yarra Glen-Healesville Road. It stood as a tribute "to those who gave their lives in the Great War. In later years subsequent wars have been added to the inscriptions. The cenotaph was moved to its current position in front of the Memorial Hall in 1998 to make way for road works.

Christmas Hills

The cenotaph at Christmas Hills was built by Mr C.D. Irvine free of charge. It is a granite column erected 'in memory of the men of Christmas Hills who laid down their lives for King and Country in the Great War, 1914-1919'. It was unveiled by Captain S.M.Bruce MHR in December 1921