DICKSON, John (1815-1878)

John Dickson took up the original pastoral lease of land north of the Yarra in the areas now known as Steels and Dixons Creeks. Diarist Andrew Ross of Kangaroo Ground visited the Dickson family on this property in 1852. John Dickson married Alice Dalrymple at the Presbyterian Church in Melbourne on 23 August 1843, shortly after she arrived from Scotland. They had five children all of whom were born at Gulf Station. Dickson sold Gulf Station to William Bell and Thomas Armstrong in 1854. The family moved to Kangaroo Ground for twelve months and then travelled to England. They returned to Melbourne in 1860 and then went to Deniliquin where John died aged 56 in 1878.

Sources: Eric Tetlow, 'John Dickson and Alice Dalrymple...', Yarra Glen and District Historical Society Newsletter, no.12, March 2003