The Dixons Creek World War I Honor Roll was unveiled at the State School on Saturday 20 April 1918. The War continued for another seven months until the Armistice was signed on 11 November 1918 and many servicemen did not return home until 1919.

The Honor Roll is made of fiddleback timber and the 28 names are set in brass letters; a cross is placed beside those who lost their lives in the conflict. At the top of the board are the words Dixons Creek School & District Roll of Honor. The names consist of initials and surnames only: the full names are known of all but three.

The first list of names on the Roll  is of those who were associated with the Dixons Creek State School: Jessie McHardy Williamson, Frederick Henry Lyons, Frederick Conradi, Reginald Norman Waight [X], Stanley Richard Ayres [X], Leslie Edward Ayres [X], Francis L Abram Mills, Alexander Thomas Abassie [X], James McKinley [X], Sydney John Beach, Stanley Stewart Smedley [X], James Smedley, James Wilson, Walter Robert Leslie Smith, William Barrett, R. Harding.  The last three names appear to have been added after April 1918 because they were not included in the newspaper report of the unveiling.

The second list includes those who were born, worked or had family connections in the district: Neil Christensen, Stanley Talbot Claude Clarke [X], John Gordon, Leslie Alexander Kilby, John Harold Partington, Norman Leslie Partington, Henry William Partington, Frank Henry Edmund Smith, E.F.R. Smith, William Shelton Cunnington, Lionel Cornell, Donald James Buchanan, John Charlton Bell [X], A.J. Brown, Thomas Bela Usher Bowling.