This was one of the earliest churches in the district. It was erected in 1881 on land donated by Henry Robinson. The building was a paling structure on the eastern side of the present Melba Highway. A brass plaque on a concrete block now marks the site. Prior to having this building services had been initially held in the home of Mrs Urina Hargreaves and then in a fencers slab hut.

The first minister to come to Dixons Creek to preach was Reverend Hounsell, a Methodist minister under whose guidance Mr John Riley became a local preacher. Mrs Sarah Gordon held the first Midweek Fellowship meeting in her home Mountain Park and two of her sons, Arthur and Frank became local preachers. Eight years after commencing services, Dixons Creek was linked up with the Healesville Circuit which had just begun.

In July 1916 the original church was deemed due for replacement. Inspired by the success of the volunteers who built the Badger Creek church in a day, the Dixons Creek community organised supplies of materials and labour for a similar project. A new site next to the school was donated by William Bell. Timber cutters felled the trees in the forest, carters took them to Mr Beachs mill, and then to the site. Mr W. Smith was foreman to 30 volunteer workers of whom an average of 18 appeared each day. The ladies maintained a steady supply of refreshments. On Monday the frame and rafters were erected, on Tuesday the roofing iron and weatherboards were attached, on Wednesday the floor was laid and a start made to lining the walls, the heavy work was completed on Thursday, and the painting and varnishing was done on Friday and Saturday: all in time for the church to be opened on Sunday. The building measured 30 feet by 20 feet and accommodated up to 150 people. This new church was unencumbered by debt due to the contributions of the community. Only ten years later it was destroyed in the bushfire of 1926. A replacement built in 1927 was also destroyed by bushfire in 1939. The current building, now a private residence was erected in 1940.

Church services were held at Dixons Creek for 114 years until the church was closed at a special service of thanksgiving on Sunday 17 September 1995. Reverend Claire Tanner of the Uniting Churchs Healesville parish conducted the service.