MOUNT WISE, Yarra Glen (property)

The earliest known family to live at Mount Wise was that of John Davies Bevan (1846-1928) a mail contractor. Two of his daughters, Katherine and Eda (or Ida) provided care for convalescent children during the 1920s. John Bevan died at Mount Wise in 1928. His daughters sold the house and had left Yarra Glen by 1929.

Osborne Calvert (1880-1949) purchased Mount Wise in the mid-1930s. Mrs Farrer came there as his housekeeper together with her daughter. He died in December 1949.

Fred Swanton (1898-1963), his wife Gwendoline (1897-1957) and their son Desmond (1928-1981) owned the property in the 1950s.

Margo Maller and her husband bought the property in 2008.