Robert Partington was born in England in 1864 but at some point came to Australia and married Elizabeth McEwan in 1889 in Victoria. Robert was an orchardist and bought a farm on Pinnacle Lane in the early 1900s expecting to establish a future for his sons. They were all working on the farm when war broke out and three of the four signed up. The first to enlist was Henry William Partington (1890-1965) on 14 Aug 1915.  He embarked on the Ascanius on 10 November 1915 and returned to Australia on the 8 May 1919. The youngest, Norm Leslie Partington (1897-1982) enlisted on 11 November 1915. He embarked on the Orsova on 12 Nov 1915. From March to October 1916 he spent most of his time in and out of military hospitals in the Middle East; he suffered in succession mumps, influenza, pyrexis, tonsillitis and a shoulder injury. In July 1918 he had German measles and in October 1918 he was diagnosed with malaria. He served with the Australian Light Horse Regiment and returned to Australia on 16 March 1919. In October 1919 he was awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field while on active service. The third brother John Harold Partington (1893-1969) enlisted on 1 Feb 1916 and embarked on the Themistocles on 28 July1916. He was on active service in France from December 1916 and returned to Australia on 1 August 1919. The Yarra Glen Agricultural and Horticultural Society held its annual pruning competition on Partington's farm on the 21 July 1917. This event provided considerable benefits to the orchardist because the Society members also undertook any pruning and clearing tasks that needed to be done as a way of assisting a farmer in need. It was not enough. Due to the general scarcity of labour to replace his sons, Robert was forced to sell his farm on Pinnacle Lane in June 1918. A social evening was held in William Hall's barn on 28 August to farewell the family at which Mr Bath spoke highly of the family. Elizabeth died in 1948 and Robert died in 1954.

The three boys, Henry, Norman and John are listed on the Steels Creek and the Dixons Creek Honor Rolls.