The first station, erected in 1888,  was a portable wooden building without a verandah. When Railway Commissioners visited the town on 15 January 1913 they were told by local people that the building was inadequate. In October 1914 it was destroyed by fire. Its replacement was opened in April 1915 and served the town for the life of the railway service. When the rail service was closed in March 1983 it slowly deteriorated. However, it withstood several fires, one or two deliberately lit inside the building, and the 2009 Black Saturday fire which swept the station yards. Yarra Valley Railway is currently restoring the building in readiness for its tourist rail service between Yarra Glen and Healesville. The railway yards at one stage included extensive stockyards with loading ramps, two large cranes for timber and other heavy items, and two Goods Sheds. There was also a set of wooden gates that controlled the road crossing.