SAYLE, John (1820-1901)

John Sayle was born in 1820 on the Isle of Man. When Hubert de Castella arrived at Yering Station to visit his brother Paul in 1854, John Sayle was manager there and had been for some time. Paul de Castella had purchased Yering from the Ryrie brothers in 1850 and Sayle was possibly their first manager. Hubert de Castella described Sayle as a skilled horse rider and cattleman.

John Sayle married Emma Jane Cooper in Victoria in 1858 and they had six children. He selected a 239 acre block of Crown Land on Skyline Road and in the 1879 Electoral Roll he was listed as a farmer and a landowner.

He was active in local affairs, there being several notices in the newspapers of his attendance at meetings.

John Sayle died on 4 September 1901 aged 81 and is buried at Yarra Glen Cemetery. Emma Jane continued living at Christmas Hills with her son Gilbert and daughters Edith and Mabel.

Sources: Yarra Glen and District Historical Society Newsletter, no.17, August 2005