State School No.1505 was opened at Tarrawarra on 9 April 1875. It occupied a rented building, a bark hut on the corner of Long Gully Road and the Yarra Track. John Reed was the first teacher from 1875 to 1879. In 1876 a portable wooden building was obtained which included a classroom plus two rooms for the teacher to reside in. Pupil numbers fluctuated and so from 1886 to 1890 the teacher worked part time at a school in Gruyere (State School No. 1695). The Tarrawarra or Long Gully School closed in 1892. However, it re-opened in 1900 after the school was established on a new site on the corner of School Lane. The building was owned by the Church of England which leased it to the Education Department for school purposes. A separate building was erected in 1923. At one time the school had thirty-five pupils but by 1929 the numbers had dropped and the school closed.


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