This petition was tabled in the Victorian Parliament in September 1891. It sought to gain the right to vote for all Victorian women. Nearly 30,000 signatures were collected by a dedicated group who went door to door throughout the colony. The original petition is 260 metres long and 200mm wide. It can be viewed on line here 

Local women who signed the petition were:

From Yarra Glen

Alice Albert, Mary Albert, Mrs H Armstrong, Mrs H Arnold, M Barfields, Ellen Borg, Mary A Fleming, Mary E Gurney, Mrs A J Hansen, Mrs Hargreaves, E J Hargreaves, Urina Hargreaves, Mary Jell, M Laisburry (sp?), Amy Lord, Mrs J Masters, M Mitcheson, Mary Morris, Mrs W Pirie, Mrs J Pretty, Mrs A J Smedley, Ellen Smedley, Mrs H Smedley, Mrs I Smedley, H Smith, Mrs R Sutton, Mrs J Tonge, Emily M Wilson,

From Dixons Creek

Elizabeth Taylor

From Pauls Creek

Sarah Lorimer

From Steels Creek

Mrs Brudenell, Miss Nellie Brudenell, Miss A Hargreaves, Mrs T K Hargreaves, Mrs M B Hubbard, Mrs A Hunt, Mrs Reiley, Miss E E Reiley,