In May 1861 gold was discovered in the Jordan Valley and a settlement known as Woods Point evolved. Initially the route from Melbourne was north to Seymour and then east via Yea or alternatively from Sale in Gippsland. A bridle track taking a shorter route was hacked through the ranges from the settlement of New Chum (now Chum Creek) beyond the present town of Marysville in 1858. In 1862 George T. Rieck improved this route taking it right through to Woods Point.

An alternative to the steep track down Breakneck into Yarra Flats was also being planned at this time. It connected the Ridge Road in Christmas Hills to the current line of Osborne Road and descended the escarpment at Mount Wise. This route from Eltham crossed the Yarra Valley and joined up with Riecks track at Healesville. It became known as the Yarra Track and the settlement of Yarra Flats began to form at the base of the Christmas Hills escarpment. The Yarra Flats Hotel opened in 1864 and was a staging post for the coaches travelling to and from the goldfields.

From the Yarra Flats Hotel the Track passed Gulf Station and then followed the line of the present Old Healesville Road across the higher ground to Chum Creek and beyond.

Sources: Victorian Government Gazette, no.142, 24 Sept 1861 p.1812